The Idaho Aerospace Alliance represents manufacturers and suppliers servicing the aerospace industry.

Our Vision

Working together to create an extra ordinary cluster of highly professional and dedicated Aerospace Industries Alliance to educate, provide solutions and deliver new technologies as needed by our customers or industry partners.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to gain knowledge as well as share information and resources that enhance our ability to serve our customers and promote the aerospace industry by:

  • Maintaining a disciplined cluster structure able to keep the mission in place.
  • Holding all members to high standards and consider every member a unique individual with potential for success by being engaged to achieve our goal.
  • Upholding important character values such as respect, trust, and care within our business environment and for the wider community.
  • Continually partnering with companies in Aviation, Aeronautic or associated industries to develop a stronger complete resource.
  • Maintaining cooperative partnerships, giving all members opportunities to build their companies collaboratively.