The Idaho Aerospace Alliance is made up of manufacturers and service providers that support both the commercial and defense aerospace industries but are not limited to those industries. The manufacturing capabilities of each member company is varied as are the industries served by them. The IDA has strategic alliances with the education community along with various state agencies to build the aerospace industry within the region.

Alliance companies manufacture component parts for aircraft engines, control systems, cabin interiors, cargo systems, and just about everything that you can imagine for today’s modern passenger aircraft.

Alliance companies manufacture products for state of the art programs and provide expertise for experimental and development projects. Civilian aircraft are also a big part of the alliances business from complete airplanes such as the Kodiak built by Quest Aircraft to floats for amphibious landings.

Upcoming Events

Idaho Aerospace Annual Member Meeting NOV 3
Meet the new members, network, and let your member voice be heard regarding initiatieves like IDA branding, member benefits (health and 401K) and more! The Annual Board Meeting will take place before the member meeting at 4pm at the ASU Boardroom.

November 3rd, 5:30pm at
Aviation Specialties Unlimited 
4632 W. Aeronca St.
Boise, ID 83705

Booth Opportunities – $50¬†Get the word out about your organization at the annual meeting with an exhibit space. You’ll get half of an 8ft table top to place marketing collateral and tabletop display or banner under 36″ wide. To get yours, select the “Exhibit Table” option when you RSVP for the member meeting. Contact us at for questions.

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  1. North Idaho College mentions a handful of Idaho Aerospace employers nearby the school. My question arises from a claim made by Wayne Caldwell, a school recruiter, that says the average entry level jobs start at 11 to 15 an hour. Is this true?

    1. Hi Tony,

      The college probably has better survey information because of their access to state agencies but I would tell you that the numbers seem accurate.

  2. Tony — Greetings and thanks for your interest. Wayne and I regret not catching this comment until now. We stand by the numbers there; we have had students leave our programs and go into entry level employment at local companies at between $11 and $15. How long the students were here, their amount of training/certification with us, and their prior background all vary of course. We have had students though do 1-year studying composites here for example and start work at $12/hour, and move up further within a year of working. If we can answer or assist further, please reach out via the information included. Hope to hear from you, – Pat O’Halloran

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